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Our Mission

Empower our customers to build the best products possible.

With the rapid developments in technologies over the years, we’ve found a lot of companies have a hard time keeping up with changes in the industry. After a deeper look, we found that it’s very hard to find the right leaders, who not only understand the technologies involved, but also understand the business aspects well enough to drive the changes required in a healthy way, as well as train the staff along the way.

But as a company whose mission is to deliver great products, should you really care? What if you could tap into the last decade of expertise and stay up to date along the way? What if your company could put all its focus on making the fantastic products it has envisioned since its conception?

Empowering companies with the right leadership and expertise to build exceptional products while staying ahead of industry changes.
Creating impactful products that drive positive change in society, supported by our values of product success, innovation, transparency, and operational continuity.
Our Vision

To create products which have tangible positive changes on society, and more so, mankind.

Product Success Driven

Our Focus to making the success of your product the top priority.

Innovation Driven

Our Passion for innovation to provide creative problem solving solutions to drive progress and success.


Our Commitment to honesty and transparency in all communication and actions.

Operational Continuity

Our Promise to ensure your product has operational continuity even after we leave,  through training and knowledge sharing. Enabling our customers to take control of their life cycle management.

Core Values


Started as a Sole Proprietorship.


Developed and Integrated IoT and React Native driven reservation application for self driving taxis which was to be used for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Later Developed and Integrated spin-off Web/Native Hybrid application for PoC test run between Otemachi & Roppongi Hills.


Integrated 3000+ Bank API Systems for a Fintech Company's data aggregation platform. We helped them achieve FSA compliance on-time, by providing new Strategies and Architecture for their aggregation system, and then implementing this and successfully integrating 2000+ financial institutions within a span of 6 months.


Designed and Developed a Scalable Cloud Platform and Fog Edge Technologies to be used for Smart City services within Woven City. We further helped R&D by helping define what kind of service could or should be built to have significant Social Impacts.

February 2021

Incorporated Kadric Smart Solutions, Inc.


Designed and Implemented highly scalable general use infrastructure for well known Japanese Mobile Carriers using Terraform, Helm and Kubernetes for use with both AWS and GCP cloud providers. We're managing multiple Kubernetes clusters across different data centres, ensuring service scalability, logging, alerting, and metric collection. This allowed the customer to standardise the way in-house micro-services were deployed whilst managing large volumes of data and traffic.

 Management Team
Almir Kadric

Chief Executive Officer

Almir Kadric

With an unconventional entrepreneurial mindset, Almir is a highly motivated problem solver with over 20 years of programming experience. He has successfully undertaken various roles, including as a business owner, and has managed large teams and worked on significant projects. Almir possesses a broad range of professional experience and skills, including designing, implementing and managing highly scalable infrastructure and developing highly distributed systems.

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Vincent Pieffet

Chief Operating Officer

Vincent Pieffet

Skilled manager with a diverse background in factory and operations management, as well as project management. Proficient in resource planning, team management, and implementing quality standards. Vincent possesses a keen understanding of engineers' mindset and takes a customer-focused approach to product development and life cycle success.

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  • Cert Mark-SA-150
Corporate Information

Company Name

Kadric Smart Solutions, Inc.


February 16, 2021

Executive Director

Almir Kadric



Head Office


1-10-14 Kita-Ueno

1206 Ueno No. 5 Heights

Taito, Tokyo


+81 3-4330-2105

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